Friday, September 11, 2009

What are Orbs?

I hadn't planned on officially beginning my blog until next week, but because today is September 11th, I somehow was compelled to start writing. It is a difficult day for thousands of people who lost loved ones on that tragic day. The rawness of what happened comes flooding back. My husband was one of the fortunate ones, having been a survivor, but still we live with the horrific memories of acts too unbearable to fathom. As I sit here on this dreary, rainy, somber day I think of all the souls who made their way to a better place. My only wish for those who are left behind is the realization that the people with whom we loved here on earth are not gone. If Heaven, or whatever one may believe, is a perfect place then why would those we shared decades with on earth abandon us? Why would they not come back in some form to help us, to comfort us, to protect us or guide us on our own journey? Over the past several years I have come to realize, that without a doubt they are not only in a better place than we are, but that they remain with us and they find ways to communicate with us if we only would look.

I have experienced a lot of death over the past ten years or so, more than I would ever have thought for a person my age, so I am all too familiar with grief. Through my own faith and by writing my books, I have somehow come to terms with it, especially where the death of my father almost five years ago is concerned. He suffered with multiple sclerosis since he was diagnosed at age 48. He died way too young, just a few weeks away from his 63rd birthday. It was a difficult time for my family and I miss him terribly. I have come to understand, however, that he is with me and is still a part of my life. There have been numerous examples of him communicating with me since he passed over. One of the ways I believe, is through orbs.

Orbs are a relatively new phenomena which has come about with the onset of digital photography. Yes, there are those who claim that orbs are nothing more than dust on a lens, a water vapor from a raindrop, a refraction of reflected light. There is a difference though, and one thing I have going for me is that I am a professional photographer. I majored in photography in college, and I surely know the difference between a spec of dust and an orb. I always know my conditions when I shoot, and besides, dust particles will appear in every shot, not just one and they also don't move around a frame. They tend to be translucent, and each one is uniquely different just like people.

It is said that everything is made up of energy. It is believed that spirits have adapted a way to use the energy in our cameras to manifest themselves. It takes a lot of energy for a spirit to form a complete apparition. Revealing themselves as an orb requires less energy. Some orbs are spirits of those we loved who have passed on. Other orbs can be spirit guides or even angels who have never been in human form. There are orbs that were animals, perhaps a beloved pet, and they are with us all the time. It is just a matter of being open and of catching them on film.

I get orbs all the time. It truly is amazing, and I can find them in a photograph immediately. Since I am a photographer I am accustomed to looking at the entire image in a photograph. Most people who are not trained will simply look at the picture of how nice Aunt Sarah looked on her 85th birthday. What's happening around Aunt Sarah? You may be surprised. Did Aunt Sarah lose her husband 20 years earlier? Well there he is on the wall behind her, simply formed as a beautiful orb. He wouldn't miss her birthday if he was still alive on the earth plane....why would he miss it now?

I love looking at other people's photos and pointing out orbs that seem so obvious to me. The reply I get is "Oh my gosh! I never even noticed that" or "look, there's another". Take out your photos from the holidays, a family wedding, your son's graduation from kindergarten, chances are you have an orb there or maybe several. It is truly amazing!

My friends laugh because every time I am photographed (which is a rarity considering I take all the photos) there are always orbs around me. Yes, I have spirits around me all the time because of what I do, but everyone else has spirits in their lives as well. Last February my husband was in Germany on a business trip. He doesn't travel much and we are rarely apart. It was a cold winter night and I was feeling kind of down and lonely. I decided to take out my camera and go into the backyard. Looking up to the sky I said, "Tell me I am not alone. Tell me someone is here with me." No sooner did I say that, and several orbs showed up in my first photo, and in the next and in the next. Each time the orbs had moved and were in a different location. I smiled and thanked them for being with me, and I felt happier and safer when I went to bed that night.

One orb in particular appears wherever I am. It is a beautiful multicolored, stippling-type orb that is very large. It has appeared to me in my backyard, in Florida, in North Carolina and in Montauk just to name a few places. It has appeared inside my house and outside my house. This, I believe is my father. There is also another much smaller, very bright orb which I often get. Perhaps this is a spirit guide. In any event I take comfort in these orbs and you should too. I consider them to be an incredible gift, a way to communicate with the other side. It truly is remarkable.

So dig up those photos and take a look. You may be surprised, or grab your camera and head outside one night and see what you get. Be calm and serious and treat them with respect. If you do, they more than likely will show themselves. Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. They have not left you. They are with you through eternity.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my newly created blog! Coming soon will be discussions on orbs, electronic voice phenomena, and paranormal and spiritual events. I will be able to explain these things in greater detail and answer any questions you may have. If you have any author related questions or topics we can cover that too. So check back soon to see what we'll be discussing first.