Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spirit Guides

Many people are confused when it comes to understanding spirit guides. What exactly are they and why do we need them? First off I'd like to explain that spirit guides are not angels or deceased family members, nor are they ghosts. According to psychic medium Sylvia Brown, who has written several books on the subject matter, spirit guides are "advanced entities who exist on a very high vibrational level". They work with both God and the person they have been chosen to follow on the earth plane. It is said that a soul often picks their guide before being born. That guide remains with us throughout our earthly life. They are with us during birth, and they are with us when we die. They help us to cross over and make the transition to the other side easier.

Spirit guides differ from angels. The spirit guides give advice and guidance throughout our lifetime, usually by sending messages and information to the subconscious mind. We all have angels as well, but the goal of the angel is to protect and heal, and bring us divine messages from God. Angels are celestial beings where spirit guides are entities who have at some point lived life on the earth plane. It is because of this that they are able to understand and relate to human problems.

Our loved ones who have passed are also with us and guiding us, but they are not the same as spirit guides who are exceptionally wise. Angels, spirit guides, and loved ones are all there for us during our earthly journey. With all this help one would think we'd have an easier time in life! It is important to remember, however, that we were given free will to live our lives. No beings from the other side can make changes for us, they can only guide, suggest and support. It is up to us to believe that they are a part of our lives and that we can call upon them. We need to be open to allow the flow of communication. Just because we may not hear or see a spirit guide, it doesn't mean they are not there. They are always with us, and that should bring us some comfort.

What we may believe to be our own thoughts can actually be our spirit guides communicating with us. For instance, everyone has experienced that nagging voice inside your head saying, "You really should call so-and-so". It's on your mind so much that you finally call and you find out that person really needed you or they were in trouble. Sixth sense? Perhaps, but it could be your spirit guide giving you a gentle nudge to tell you to make the call...somebody needs you.

It is said that we plan our own life's course before we are born. What we do in this life depends on the level we're at spiritually and the lessons we need to learn. The spirit guide works with us on planning this course and helps us to follow through. They watch over us like a trusted friend.

Sometimes spirit guides can appear to us in a dream and give us messages. Children, at a young age, may experience their spirit guides. Children are more open to communication when a guide makes itself know. This can sometimes be a child's "imaginary" friend which isn't really imaginary at all. Also, it doesn't matter what religion you are. Everyone has a spirit guide helping them along life's journey.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about spirit guides, I highly recommend you read Sylvia Browne's book "Contacting Your Spirit Guide". It's a fascinating study on how to go about recognizing and communicating with your spirit guide. She tells not only her own fascinating encounters, but she reveals amazing stories her readers have shared with her.

So if you're having a rough day, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. Besides God, we have our very own fleet of "helpers" in the forms of angels, our loved ones and our spirit guide.