Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Dreams have fascinated people since the beginning of time. What are dreams, and what do they mean? Next month on my live blogtalk radio show, Joe Giaquinto and I will host a very special guest named Susie, who reads and interprets dreams. There is so much information out there on dreams, that I decided it would be a great topic for this month's written blog.

Did you know that over our lifetime we dream approximately 300,000 dreams? Everyone dreams. There's no escaping it. Adults spend about two hours of sleep time dreaming, where children spend about four hours. Since babies sleep an enormous amount of hours, they actually dream the most. Even animals can have dreams. Many a time I've seen my dog fast asleep and snoring, when suddenly her paws start moving, her eyes begin to twitch and she starts whimpering. I often wonder what it is my dog is dreaming about. With her paws moving quickly, maybe she's running after something in a big field, or dreaming of greeting me at the door.

We can dream several different dreams a night. Usually we recall only the dream we were having right before we woke up. Dreams are often forgotten quickly, so it's helpful to write them down as soon as you wake up. Later, you may be able to find out it's meaning. Dreams typically occur in color, although I've heard that it's more common for women to dream in color, while men seem to dream in black and white. It is believed that our dreams are reflections of ourselves. Dreams run parallel to the events going on in our lives, and can be quite significant.

Each dream is unique to the individual who is doing the dreaming, so no two dreams are alike. Dreams are extensions of ourselves, and we can actually learn from them. Some dreams have profound meaning, some contain symbolism, others can reveal secrets about our true selves, and some may spark creativity through writing and art. Even if dreams don't make sense to us, somewhere there is a hidden meaning or revelation. So having the ability to interpret dreams, can be a helpful tool and a wonderful gift for self-exploration. We can learn from our dreams!

Have you ever had a recurring dream? Sometimes these dreams have to do with our past lives. They can be memories that have been stored, which come forth during time of sleep, by way of dreaming. What about flying dreams? You're free as a bird. You can fly! Some believe that when this happens the dreamer has left their body temporarily in what is know as astral travel or an out-of-body experience.

Some people have precognitive dreams which can be quite disturbing to the person who is experiencing it. Basically, it is a means of seeing into the future, or seeing an event before it happens. The Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Native Americans have been known for having precognitive dreams, and they use them to foretell the future or impending doom. Through my research I discovered that a great many people dreamt of the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/ll before the events ever happened. Other people have had dreams related to medical issues or disasters, which changed their course of action, and possibly saved their lives. For example, maybe a person changed their mind about having an upcoming surgery, or maybe they avoided a dangerous plane trip or car ride because of having the dream.

Spirits who have passed on can also become part of the dream state. These dreams are often very vivid and very real. I have had countless people come up to me at lectures, wondering whether or not it was actually their loved one coming to them from the other side, or whether what they were experiencing was "just" a dream. I too, have had these dreams, and I do believe it is a visitation. When we are in a relaxed and open state of mind, such as during sleep, it is very easy for our family and friends in spirit to visit us. They are able to give us valuable messages, or simply show our love for us. These types of dreams from family members are called ADC visitation dreams, or after death communications.

There are four points that can differentiate between a visitation and a regular dream. First, an ADC dream has strong clarity and vivid detail, and can be easily described upon waking. Second, ADC dreams contain specific messages which have been given to the dreamer, even if it has been done telepathically. Examples are, the dreamer may be left with a sense not to worry, or not to feel sad because their loved one is now happy and safe. Third, the dream invokes very strong emotions both during the dream process and after waking. Relief, happiness, love and joy are some emotions that may surround you. The fourth point, is that the dream brings comfort. You can tell the dream to others or replay it in your head, but each time you do, you feel a great sense of contentment and happiness.

When you go to sleep at night, be open and receptive to the dreams you will have. Keep a paper and pen by your bedside to write down pertinent information that may bring meaning and comfort to your life. What a wonderful way to start the day.

Pleasant dreams!

Tune in on Thursday, May 26th at 10:00 PM EST when Susie will discuss and interpret dreams on "The Kerriann and Joe Show - Spirit Connection". Go to to listen to live or archived shows.