Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience

Last month I wrote about mediumship. This month I would like to go over some of the senses a medium or psychic may have. These may include clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.

I had a wonderful opportunity recently to attend a workshop given by Scottish Medium Bill Coller, who gave a presentation entitled "Learn to Improve Your Connection with the World of Spirit". If you are a medium already, or if you are someone just trying to form better communication with the spirit world, Bill Coller's lecture is one I would definitely recommend. Having over thirty years experience as a medium, Mr. Coller travels all over the world and works with translators in order to help others get messages from the other side. During the presentation I attended, he gave the audience an exercise to do with a partner for fifteen minutes. We were told to give the person we were sitting next to a "reading". There were only a handful of non-mediums in the room, myself included, so I knew this would be a challenge for us. The woman next to me claimed she had no psychic abilities of any kind. We sat there staring at one another wondering where to begin. We tried to concentrate and as we did, we were both getting a "sense" of a spirit coming through on the other side, but we doubted ourselves, wondering instead if we were taking lucky guesses.

Mr. Coller had asked everyone in the room to bring through one family member and find out five details or points. The details included, male or female, relationship to the person you were reading, from what side of the family was this person, what type of personality did the person have, what kind of relationship did the person being read have with this person in spirit, and/or a possible description of the person in spirit to name a few. I had picked up on my partner's grandmother and she had picked up on my father. But how could we be sure? We called Bill over to help us. He said to go with it and to listen to our intuition and senses. We remained still, open and aware. Through Bill's guidance, he helped me to "listen". Within five minutes I knew I had made contact with my partner's grandmother on her father's side, that the woman had a very strong personality, but was softer with her granddaughter, and that they were very close when my partner was young. I also told my partner that her grandmother stays with her and helps her from the other side. I don't know who was more amazed, me or my partner. She has had readings from professional mediums before and it is always her grandmother on her father's side who comes through, she revealed. Everything I told her made sense to her, and everything was confirmed through Bill. When it came time for my partner to read me, my father came through. She described him physically, which was correct; she told me he died fairly young of an illness, she described our relationship and also picked up that we lived very near one another. Everything she told me was accurate as well. She was shocked that she was able to do this.

It convinced me that although many people are born with the gift of mediumship, we all have the "ability" to be a medium, and at the very least, we can all develop some sort of communication with spirits on the other side. In having studied the paranormal for years, I have seen first hand that it is truly possible to communicate with spirits even if you are not "gifted" so to speak.

There are three terms which relate to the ways people can communicate with spirits on the other side. The term most people are familiar with is clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is a type of extrasensory perception or ESP. It is also considered to be part precognition and part telepathy. The word itself comes from the French and means "clear seeing". A person who has the ability to see a person, event or image from the past, present or future is a person who has clairvoyance. Physically the eyes cannot "see" what is before them. Instead, what is visioned comes from the "inner" eye. It is a form of receiving information through visual images or symbols. The clairvoyant learns to interpret these symbols or images which may be given to them by people or animals in spirit form. There are many types of clairvoyance and this form of communication has been studied throughout history. I am only touching on it here. A whole blog can probably be written on clairvoyance alone.

The next term is clairaudience, which is what paranormal investigator and friend Joe Giaquinto experiences. Clairaudience is the ability to receive voices, sound and music psychically. It is not audible through normal hearing. The word in French means "clear hearing". Sometimes the "inner voice" we think we hear may not be us at all. It is possible the voice is that of a spirit telling us what to do or giving us advice. In Joe's case, since he is advanced in this form of communication, he can sometimes carry on a conversation with a spirit clairaudiently. For the average person we may hear something through clairaudience and not even know it. It may be the voices of deceased loved ones or possibly angels or spirit guides.

In clairsentience, a person receives information from the spirits through touch, taste, smell, a gut feeling or through intuition. It is difficult to describe, because in a sense, you just "know" that a spirit is around or is giving you information. I am most familiar with this form because I have experienced it myself during the writing of Ghosts of Long Island II, More Stories of the Paranormal. I just "knew" and "felt" things and information coming from the spirits, but I could not explain how it was possible. The word clairsentience in French means "clear feeling" or "sensing". While writing, researching and investigating I was more open and aware of what was around me which enabled me for the first time to experience this unique phenomenon.

Pay attention to things such as intuition, sense, sight, sound, fleeting images and feelings. You may begin to notice a pattern as to what you may be sensitive to. As I mentioned, we all have the ability to communicate with the spirits. It is up to us to be willing to open our hearts and mind to a whole new realm...the realm of spirit communication.