Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ghosts of Inanimate Objects

Ghosts of inanimate objects are quite unusual and are very often misunderstood, with visions of the infamous "Chucky" doll coming to mind. Believe it or not, ghosts of inanimate objects are recognized as a type of ghostly phenomenon like any other type of haunting.

I have learned a lot about this type of paranormal phenomenon from paranormal investigator Joe Giaquinto who spent years studying haunted objects, namely dolls. Dolls are not the only objects that may appear to be haunted however. Haunted objects can range from chairs to clocks to music boxes to basically anything.

One thing that needs to be cleared up is that the object itself is not haunted. In most cases there is a spirit attached to the object who is using the object as a means of communication. In other cases there is residual energy left behind on an object which can make it appear as if it is haunted. For instance, in the case of a doll you may have a little girl who owned a doll she loved with all her heart. She took the doll everywhere, she hugged it, slept with it, cried with it and treated it like a real person. The girl's energy over time can leave "imprints" on the doll. The girl loved the doll for several years and then one day when she was older, she didn't want the doll anymore. Maybe the doll winds up in an antique store or in Good Will. If the doll was exposed to the psychic and emotional imprints of the previous owner, this "energy" could surround the doll and the object could actually pick the energy up. The doll, to the new owner, may then appear as if it can move, change in appearance or shake, when all that it really is, is leftover energy that is dissipating.

In other cases, it may be an actual spirit who is causing the phenomenon to the object as I mentioned earlier. If a spirit has not crossed over, or even if a spirit comes back simply for a visit, they may go back to objects that were once important to them while on the earth plane. That is why another common haunted object is a chair. We all know someone who has their favorite chair; a chair that is always sat in by one person, a chair that was a special gift, a chair that just could not be thrown away. It would make sense then if a relative who is in spirit form who comes to check on us, takes up temporary residence in that familiar old chair, causing it to move or rock. To us though, it would appear to be "haunted". You may also find that when photographed, certain objects may have orbs around them. Again, this could simply be a spirit coming back for a visit.

Of course if you are witness to an object moving on its own, it's cause for alarm for most people no matter how much I try to explain things here. We are just not accustom to viewing such phenomenon. It usually is not something you should be afraid of though, especially if you yourself are familiar with the object and it's something that's always been a part of your home.

In some situations we obtain items that we don't know where it came from or the history behind it, such as when we buy things from antique stores. We don't know if there is energy or imprints attached to these items. Nor do we know if its past owner, possibly now in spirit form, was willing to give the item up. I'm not saying to never buy antiques, I'm just giving you a warning that anything is possible.

I have a story in Ghost I about a house that was very active in unexplained phenomenon and it wasn't a positive experience. Nothing bad had ever happened in the house or on the grounds before it was built and nobody had died in the house. It had been lived in by only one family. All of a sudden over time, all sorts of things began to happen. The house was clearly haunted. The owners were completely baffled as to how this could be. Not knowing what to do, the family called in a group of psychics to check the house out. The psychics came up with nothing. It was then suggested that perhaps they had items in the house that were haunted. The family thought this was ridiculous, but as it turned out the owner's father had been in the US Merchant Marines for over thirty years and had travelled all over the world. During his travels he brought home all sorts of items: daggers, a pistol, a bayonet and a flintlock pistol from India. No one knew the history behind these items, but it was likely that they contained negative energy. The family got rid of the items but unfortunately the incidents in the house did not cease. It is possible that the previous owners of these items did not cross over and stayed with the items and ultimately stayed in the house even after the items were discarded.

This story is of course the extreme, but it is a good example of how objects can be haunted. Just remember, there are things that are sometimes beyond our comprehension, but they exist none-the-less. Ghosts of inanimate objects, although it may be hard to believe, is a type of paranormal phenomenon that is both researched and studied.

If any of my readers have experienced a haunted object, I would love for you to share your story on my blog.