Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Akashic Records

Paranormal investigator Joe Giaquinto and I recently attended a fascinating workshop with Scottish medium Bill Coller. The topic...The Akashic Records. Although I had heard of them, Edgar Cayce often referred to accessing the Akashic, I didn't fully understand its meaning or purpose. Mr. Coller's workshop was quite informative, and it shed new light on this interesting and often confusing subject.

Akashic is the Sanskrit word for "history", so Akashic records means historical records. Mediums refer to it as a giant spiritual hard drive, a data base which contains everything a person has ever done in life. This information is collected and stored in a type of energy registration that can be accessed by a medium. A medium is a person who can communicate with spirits from the other side through dialog. When Bill Coller gives a person a reading, he likes to give eight to ten points of evidence to prove that the communication is real. All this evidence should come together like a puzzle. It must be specific information, not general.

When a medium accesses the Akashic records, he is pulling out general background information, or flat information. It is not up-to-date. It's all in the past. So for instance, a medium can say to a person he is reading for, that "Your dad is in spirit, but while he lived on the Earth he lived in the countryside." This may be true, but it's too general and stereo-typical. A good medium will retrieve this basic information from the Akashic records, but then through dialog and communication he may say "Your dad lived in the countryside and went fishing by the river everyday. He loved the times you spent with him there." This is more specific information which definitely would prove spirit communication. The medium used the Akashic records to gain access to the background information, and then combined it with dialog and communication from the other side. The evidence is in the interaction.

The government also uses the Akashic records in what's called remote viewing. A psychic is called in to give the government intuitive information which is obtained through the Akashic records. For the government, it is used as a tool only. Nothing is real in Akashic. It has no reality, it's factual with no opinions. Simply, it's history.

The Akashic records is available to those in the spirit world as well. It shows the true picture of us. When we die, we are shown these records. We see our lives before us. Many people believe this to be purgatory. No one is punishing us for the things we've done over a lifetime, but we see what we have done and end up punishing ourselves. For example, it is very common during a reading for a spirit to come through and apologize for past actions. It wasn't until they died, that they saw what is was they did wrong. With the help of a medium, they are able to communicate with their loved ones on Earth, and say they are sorry for what they did while they were alive. They know all this information because of the Akashic records.

A medium can go into certain "file cabinets" in Akashic. For example, bereavement. How far does the medium go back in a person's bereavement file? He needs to draw out the most important loss, while encouraging that particular spirit to come through. Akashic is like TV. You go and look for a program. You know what channel it's on. You access the information on the program to find out what it's all about.

Through practice, even non-mediums can access information from the Akashic records. How do I know this? I actually did it! Towards the end of Bill Coller's workshop, he asked us to work with a partner and find out their "bucket list". We had to come up with an issue that stopped them from achieving something in their life. We were told to retrieve this information from the Akashic records. I was completely overwhelmed on how to do this. My friend Richard Schoeller, a medium and colleague of Bill Coller, came over to me and said he would assist me. He took my hand in both of his to help transfer some energy. He looked at Joe and pulled from the Akashic records "music". He then asked me to find out what that had to do with Joe. Although I was nervous, I was able to calm down and concentrate. Within seconds the word guitar kept popping into my head, so I said "guitar". Joe started to smile and Richard told me to keep going. The word teacher came to me, and suddenly I had a vision of a teacher telling Joe he'd never be good at playing guitar. I told Joe and Richard this information. It was correct. Prior to this, I had absolutely no idea that Joe had ever played the guitar. I went on to explain how Joe came to resent this teacher and how the teacher's comments to him left him without confidence, so he gave it up. Even Joe, a clairaudient medium, was amazed at what I was able to find out. My final word to him was "classical". I told him he had no intention on becoming a rock star. It was classical guitar that had interested him. I was correct once again. Both he and Richard were ecstatic that I had been able to retrieve this information from the Akashic records.

If you're interested in learning more about the Akashic records and Bill Coller's workshop, you can listen to Joe and me discussing it on blogtalk radio. We have our own show, "The Kerriann and Joe Show - Spirit Connection" which airs live every Thursday night from 10:00 - 11:00 PM EST. The show on Akashic records aired on March 24, 2011 and is available in a free download from our archive library. Go to